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Another comment about dog breeding...... there's also either a huge initial investment to get champion or grand champion parents, or the time investment for training and showing in order to win titles so the puppies are actually worth something. And then, what do you do if you have a dog with exceptional breeding and a great future as a stud or bitch, who gets accidentially spooked or injured by a judge and then is too scared to ever show again? Or a dog that is stubborn and just never learns to heel in the correct position, or stand in the correct position?

And then there's also having to deal with unneutered male dogs, and female dogs in heat.....

Originally posted by geko
I dont want to stand for working a job my whole life that i dont like. Working at a pet store and breeding snakes would be a dream for me even if it doesnt bring in the $$ i will still be happy working with something i love and know about.

Sorry, but *lol*..... Ever worked in a pet store? Try it before you say that it would be 'wonderful'...... Pet store "dream job".... HA!

various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

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