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Pet store "dream job".... HA!

Every so often I see someone post here about how they'd just LOVE to work in a pet store....... *lol* Now, I just have to wonder if these people are just unaware of what petstores are like, or if for some reason they think that they'll be the special person who can reform their big box petstore with it's policies set in stone, and can make customers who only want to be told what they want to hear do the right thing. So... here's my comment to everyone who thinks a petstore is their 'dream job'.....

Sorry, but have you ever worked in a pet store? Unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere with a <i>good</i> reptile speciality store, you're probably going to be rather frustrated with a pet store job. Pet stores in general are lilke any other retail store, except for about 1 hour out of the day where you feed and clean up after animals. The majority of petstores, especially the large ones, do not provide the correct heat, light, food, or shelter for the reptiles. And one employee will not change it - it's against policy to take out uvb bulbs, calcium and vitamins, hides, etc from the store's stock and give it to the animals..... it costs the store money. Some stores won't even let an employee buy things for the animals <i>with their own money</i> and put it in the cages. And while sick puppies or kittens will immediately go to a vet, sick reptiles and small animals very rarely do.

I work at a petstore, and at least at my job the reptiles get all the basics, and a reasonably good diet. But, then you still have to deal with the customers......... like the many many people who buy a green anole or a green tree snake and a critter keeper, and <i>swear</i> they'll be back for heat lamps and uvb bulbs and everything else.... and you never hear from them again. And the people who feed live mice because it "looks so cool!". Or the people who ask if they can put an anole in with their water dragon, or a house gecko with their green tree snake, or a leopard gecko with their bearded dragon.... and decide to try it anyway even when you tell them flat out one or the other will probably die. And THAT is just the hour or two that you spend on the animals, and the breif periods when you're helping customers. The rest of the time you're stocking shelves, carrying around 33lb bags of dog food or 40lb bags of kitty litter, sweeping or mopping the floor, scrubbing the fish tanks, scooping dog or cat poop, getting yelled at by customers because "my kid sat on his hamster and you should have to replace it and what do you mean there's no guarantee?" or "what do you mean you're out of X? My {insert type of animal here} is starving/picky/depressed/uncontrollable and will die/be unhappy/be uncontrollable until you get X in and it's all your fault you don't have it right this instant" or "my hedgehog/hamster/lizard that I bought 6 months ago that I kept in a cardboard box with cedar shavings just died and what do you mean you won't replace it?", etc. And then there are the times when you get in a sick, stressed out animal which you manage to get eating and watch as it slowly becomes alert and healthy..... only to see someone who doesn't know the first thing about it buy it and kill it because they don't listen when you tell them how to take care of it. And for all this, you'll probably get paid somewhere around minimum wage.

Still sound like a dream job?

And that's my rant for the day.
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