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Ok thanks for all the comments.

As i said before it wont be my only job and once again for elevation24 IM NOT TRYING TO GET RICH. You say im being a brat but please read my post before you say something like that. I have said many times i dont plan to get rich and i plan to keep a real job along with breeding...

I am taking in all the adive given and i thank you for it so i will start slow and work my way up and again if i dont make money thats fine im in it for the fun of it. I do however think that if i breed some easy to breed type snakes then sell and save and get a pair of albino balls i could make money. If i sell high end snakes i can make money because i wont have to feed 1000 snakes. Lets say a breeding pair of albino balls for $5,000
and i sell the babies for $2,500 a piece. Thats obviously making money but ill need to breed some common snakes to raise up enough money to buy the mating pair of AB.

To get back on track could anyone recomend some good articles on breeding rainbows, balls, and carpets? I know many will say i shouldnt start out on these snakes but i already have one of each so it will be cheaper and all but my bp are nice with screming BRB's and high yellow carpets.

Also some basic info on breeding in general would be great!

Thanks for the comments an keep em comming
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