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hey geko,
i feel your pain. i also have made some decisions which may have an adverse effect on my future. im 19 and i dropped out in grade 11. im a smart kid and i know i can accomplish anything i want. people telling me i cant do something only intensifies my ambition. i love it when people tell me im just a drop-out and wont ammount to anything. i just sit back and laugh, knowing the day will come when ill prove all those people wrong. i still dont have my grade 12 and already i make more money than some people who had once tried to bring me down. just keep updating your goals and do whatever you want. id be lying if i said the thought of breeding herps hadnt crossed my mind a few times, but if i ever decide to do so it wont be for a long time. i have too much on my plate right now as it is. if you are serious about considering this as a career choice, i would suggest much reading and learning before you jump into it. keep your head up and gain as much knowlege as possible. consider all variables and keep on keepin on.
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