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Originally posted by geko
ohh_kristina how do i THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING?

My first post on this thread states i know verry little if nothing about this topic... Thats why posted the thread for some articles but so far not 1 article has been posted...

Only thing i know is i have my goals set and no matter what youall say im going to breed them. Money or no money im going to breed them doesnt matter because in the long run i know it will work out.

If its not breeding snakes then there is something eles i can do such as open a pet store or something. Like the old saying says: you can do anything you set your mind to and thats what i plan to do. Im only on this earth for a short time so im going to take chances and make the best of it even if it doesnt work out at least i tryed
geko, I wasn't saying that YOU think you know everything. I was speaking in general terms. People think that just because they read it somewhere that it's easy to do, that they can do it and make money. That is not the case.
If you want to really learn about this, I suggest you talk to breeders about their business (if they are willing, that is). The only real way to learn this stuff is to research, plan, and then go out and do it. Start slow, though. You make it seem in your posts that you want to do this and do it now. You want to make a living right now and breed snakes. I'm saying that this is not how it works. If you decide to do this, the next 5 years of your life will be raising animals and making a name for yourself in the herp community. Then breed.
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