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Originally posted by reverendsterlin
you have a rainbow, ball, and jungle. Why not get them paired and see if you can even be successful breeding animals more advanced than corns and kings
Um......thats probalby the worst idea yet. WHy in the world would you suggest cross breeding such species?? I mean come on man....a freaking rainbow boa isnt going to breed with either of those pythons. If it was possible(which its not) why would you want to? I am against any type of crosses...even corn X kings. I think its stupid....

I dont think that breeding should be based on making an income either.......I think you should do it as a side job man. Breeding snakes should be more for the fun of it....and if you do....dont breed any of your current snakes.....breed something like Womas or Black Headed Pythons.......something less common.
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