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Anyone can breed reptiles. Look up a few web sites and you think you know everything there is to know. Well, sorry, but you are very wrong.

In order to make a good profit (or even just ends meet), you have to have hundreds (even thousands!) of animals. I have seen a real reptile farm (Ophiological Services, Inc) and let me tell you!! there are A LOT of animals there. He had about 2,000 feeder rats thawing outside and that alone must cost a pretty penny! And that is only ONE feeding..imagine the YEARS of feeding every week all those animals.. Not to mention all the GTPs and high end morphed BPs he has up there! He also runs another buisness and is thing of starting up ANOTHER buisness. It takes so much time and money to do this.

No offence, but you have only very little experience. a BRB, ball python, and a carpet python? You have no idea what it's like to house and feed all those animals! How long have you had your snakes? Not long, I bet. A year is not a long time, by the way.
I think you should sit back and study genetics and morphs for a few up money to buy a couple of high end morphed ball pythons and then start from there.
Also, it takes a lot of experience to be able to know the tricks of the trade. Do you know how to get neonates to eat? What happens when you have to force feed something mouse tails? Reading a book about that is nothing like really doing it!

It seems like all the younger people here (I am not old, so take no offence to that!) want to breed reptiles for a living.

Again, no offence meant. Just think about it before you spend your life savings or something.
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