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you have a rainbow, ball, and jungle. Why not get them paired and see if you can even be successful breeding animals more advanced than corns and kings before you go making great life plans and investing money that might best be used elsewhere. The small breeder can make money breeding high end snakes with low availability, I would love to get into the albino GTP but can't afford the initial investment, if you went with piebald bp you could expect $7500+USD investment per animal, just a male normal het for lavander albino would set you back $5000. Even on a lesser scale breeding GTP or ETB will still set you back a good chunk of money. After the investment you still have to raise the animals (unless you buy adults at higher prices) and in the end there is no guarantee you'll have any successful breedings. Easier ways to try to make a bit of change. I breed for the fun of it and to play with genetics, if I sell most of my yearly neo's I might make back some feeder money maybe a few bucks for another animal lol.