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I have snakes for whoever asked that and i know everything i need to know about the snakes i own.

I currently have a BRB, BP, and a JCP.

Invictus, you say you would send your money to Grant Van Gameren, Corey Woods, Jeff Favelle, and thats because you know they have nice snakes and are very good at what they do.

How do you think they got to be so popular in the snake market? They started from somewhere i would guess so thats what im going to do.

Just to clear a few things up also i DONT plan to get rich as i said before and i do plan to keep a second job even if its at my LPS or going to a trade school.

My pasion is animals of any kind. I own the following:

3 snakes - BRB, BP, JCP
1 tiger salamander
1 dog - beagle mix
5 fish tanks - 2 planted
2 fire bellied toads - plan to up it to dart frogs one day

All my life i have had animals. Anywhere from turtles, snakes, rabbits, birds, fish, cats, dogs, amphibians of diffrent sorts.

I set my goals at age 17 to get my life strait and get back in school and find a decent job that i like. My whole family is rich except my mom and she is a LPN. My uncle sells houses and lives in a log cabin that he bulit in the country. My grandpa was the founder of marksburycornett construction.

I dont want to stand for working a job my whole life that i dont like. Working at a pet store and breeding snakes would be a dream for me even if it doesnt bring in the $$ i will still be happy working with something i love and know about.

Im very good at webdesign and thats another thing i love to do. My site will be up hopfully tonight but heres a pic of it

Here is my fsh site i made also that will be up tonight as well:

With selling snakes, selling websites, and working at my LPS i think i could do pretty good for myself.

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