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Ron - if you can't live on $6000/month take-home in Calgary, you are either living WAY beyond your means or just being ridiculous with your Money. Erin and I don't clear anything even remotely close to that, and I pay $500/month in child support. We have a nice house, food on the table, and clothes on our back and still the occasional pennies for herps, plus feeding the ones we have.

Mykee - Yeah, I've heard TO is tough living and requires a higher income. But you bring up a good point - in some places, even $2000 doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Geko - You're very ambitious about this endeavor, and that's cool, but another great point has been brought up - reputation. If you want to be shipping snakes Canada-wide, you have to have a great rep for people to want to send you money in the hopes that the herps they paid for will arrive safely. Even some people on this board have had problems selling their snakes WITH a good reputaiton. Imagine what a time you'll have without one. I personally won't send my money across the nation to someone who hasn't had business dealings with someone I trust. But would I send my money to Grant Van Gameren, Corey Woods, Jeff Favelle, or Simon? In a heartbeat! They have a long standing rep of great national business dealings. Guess what... all of them work other jobs too.

Hard work alone doesn't cut it in this business. If you have a friend helping you out, that's cool too... but that means you get 1/2 the profits, not 100% of the profits. Now all of a sudden, you've got $4000/month you need to sell, not $2000.

Nonetheless, you seem to be pretty convinced that you can do this, so best of luck to you.
- Ken LePage
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