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hey man i say all the power to you i wanna do it to i have set some realistic goals as well i started out with a salmon boa and then bought an albino boa as well
its all good to be just high end but you need to think like someone said high end dont sell too quickly so you need alot of $100 - $200 range to do it

ok as far as you having a friend that is gonna help you and room with you from personal experience bad idea you will be spending way too much time together

you said you are gonna breed rats too , well rats cost money too
i have 21 females and 8 males and i go through about 50 pounds of rat chow a month and 2 bales of shavings a month thats $40 + a month now i know its way cheaper than paying a pet store but then you have your cleaning and the SMELL
you may wanna think of going huge with rats first as people are always looking for rats
for example a rat rack that has 18 large tubs 4.1 ratio /tub = 72 females each female say has 10 babies every 2 months thats 720 thats 4320 rats a year avg sell all those say for $2 thats $8640 provided you dont keep any minus say $480 for shavings and food that leaves you with $8160

this is my $0.02
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