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Hey Brandon,

I would agree with Slannesh. Just curious. Is the "striker" snake located in a high traffic area of the house? the reason I ask, I have a Hypo Brooksi Florida King that exhibited the same sort of behaviour. Now this guy was in a decent tank setup located in a high traffic area but stuffed in a small corner of a room (divider wall between kitchen and diningroom, typical townhome layout - livingroom at the front of the house, then dining room then kitchen at the back of house).

You could pass by the tank from either side (when coming out of the kitchen) but from one approach,he would see you coming, where the other approach, he had no warning. Approaching from the blind side always brought on a defensive stance and a stiking at the glass.

Hope that made sense

Anyhow I moved the tank to the opposite wall, where there were no blind spots and he calmed right down. He could see us coming now from virtually all angles.

I also had a Lavender Banana King that exhibited a striking behaviour when in his feed tub. The cause? Light coming in from the window would create shadows on one side of the box when placed on the coffee table for feeding. Any motion outside of the box would create these moving shadows on one side of the feed box and he would strike at them without fail. We quickly learned to close the blinds and the problem went away.

I don't know if this will help in your situation, just some thoughts.

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