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I know what your going through. I once in my younger days also challenged the statisquo. I even attended a catholic school so i understand all too well the the whole uniform thing, as well as the little things we all tried to do as individuals. Now, from a legal point of view, i believe that the rev may have something here. Not wearing the proper school attire...well you may not have a leg to stand on here, but as far as tats, hair, piercing etc...there is nothing imo that they can really do. I would have my parents make a call to the local school board trustee or even principal Hilter and give them a little shock medicine. Perhaps threaten with a lawsuit, punitive damages is always a good one, seeing how they are basically basing your character on your appearance. If your parents are not willing, let me know, ill call the school for you....ive done this in the past for a couple of friends and its amazing how much fun you can have with these kind of people once you threaten to bring the law, the papers etc into the situation!!!
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