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well other than money up front, you'll definately need a lot of reputation.
Yes a BRB can give up to 30 babies at once. But then you'll have to first feed it a few times before letting it go. Thus money. Then you'll need enclosures to fit them all in. Again money. Then cleaning = time. And not all 30 would want to eat right away and some may die during the process so maybe you lose 5. So you have 25 more. But then breeding, raising up the babies (offering them at least 3 meals or more before letting them go) this can only be done once a year. So 25 * 150 = 3750. Looks like good cash right? Well you'll have to minus eletric, water cost. Say $200 a year (real small amount I say but lets make things simple.) So okay after all those costs you gain $3550 a year. Then you'll have to divide it up by 12 months So that's around 295.83 a month. Then minus the feeding. Since Invictus said that he has 27 snakes (that is good for our little model.) and he is paying around $100 for all 27 snakes. Since you have 25 babies and 2 adult brbs, that's 27 snakes. So take 100 dollars off your 295.83 a month. That's 183.83 that you are earning a month. But of course you'l have to take away the inital investment that you have put in in raising the adluts and gettin the adults. Well....basically you MAYBE able to earn a few bucks a month. This is also based on the fact that you have sold ALL YOUR BRB HATCHLINGS! This is quite hard if you don't have any reputation or anything like that.

So in my opinion, unless you have tons of money to start off with and tons of time and space......dont even think about're not toing to be gaining $$ from them. There are chances that they might take more money and time from you than making any money at all....

There are just so much things that you hve to think about before doing this. I would suggest you to finish your high school and try and get higher standards before thinking about this. Just my opinion....
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