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Angry whatever happened to Individuality?

Does anyone here go to RMC?? It a uniform high school and if you donít your lucky! And I hate you! No not really

Any way here is my little rant:

A few week before school started I dyed my hair a fire red (cuz I wanted to) I didnít think Iíd get spazed at for my hair, I mean its just hair right.

My principle Mr. Hitler (LOL) called me into the office today and began to yell at me about ďthe horrible state I was inĒ (ie: My hair, my piercing and my tats) He told me if he didnít see an improvement in the way I looked heíd kick my out of RMC. I was in tears at the way he was addressing me and felt like I had no say in the way my body looked. it was like I was his robot and I had to do what he said. Once he ran out of rude and mean things to say he called in the VP and they BOTH started to yell at me! I was told I was a disgrace to the hard work of the Catholic school board and that I shouldnít be so ungrateful. I told them that I couldnít dye my hair that I had to wait 7 weeks to have it done again or my hair would get damaged and even turn a different colour. I even told them to call a hair dresser if the didnít believe me. Which they didnít they didnít even listen to me they just said Iím sorry but if the hair doesnít change you will no longer attend RMC!!!

I am in a state of shock, they already control what we wear and what we learn but now they feel the can control our hair and body as well! What ever happened to Individuality? The middleman? I want to be who I am! Not whom they want me to be a mindless drone ready to do theyíre biding!

Iím sorry this is soo not any ones concer but I just needing to write it out Iíd love to hear your thoughts if you have any
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