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Ok, here's some more harsh reality for you.

Erin and I have 27 snakes, many of which are either current breeding pairs, or will be in the future. I get mice for 50 cents (for adults), rats for dirt cheap, and rabbits for $1/pound. It costs us over $100/month to feed just the snakes we have now. Needless to say we are not making a living off of this. In order to make a decent living by today's standards, you need to clear about $2000/month. This means you will either have to have a SERIOUS chunk of change up front to breed albino boas or womas or something expensive (which will only sell once in a blue moon, because not everyone has $1500 and up for a snake), or you need to be breeding enough cheap snakes that are still in high demand to live off of it. $2000 = 45 corn snakes PER MONTH. That's 540 corn snakes a year. That's 27 breeding pairs, and even then, there is no guarantee they will sell. What will you do if you have a dry month? Are your snakes going to starve? If they don't sell, given that they produce at the same time, can you afford to feed 540 mouths every 5 days? No you cannot. Not if the snakes aren't selling.

It's a harsh reality, but it is the reality of the situation. You need to sell a LOT of snakes to do it exclusively as a living and few people are able to do it. Get your high school. Get some secondary even if it's just a certificate or diploma. Either that or get used to starvation.
- Ken LePage
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