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Breeding snakes for a living.

First some background from myself:

I have lived a hard life and made some bad choices such as droping out of school at 15 but now im 18 and taking night classes for my g.e.d and working full time at my lps.

My parents always said i would be working at a cardboard box factory making $4 a hour and my dad still does to this day. I dont plan to go to college since obviously school isnt my thing so i feel breeding snakes would be a nice occupation for me.

Ill be the first to say i know very little about snakes but im learning everyday and im also willing to learn what ever it takes to breed snakes and make a living out of it.

Could anyone point me in the right dirrection to some informative articles about breeding snakes in general. Im not looking for any specific snakes to breed but rather the basics.

My step dad who im currently living with said he would build be a snake house out back and im sure it would be nice since he is a carpenter

This would be the best living for me considering i keep snakes as a hobby and whats a better excuse to let me get a whole house of them since it would be for my future
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