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Talking My F***ing Hero!

Oh my goodness I just had the biggest scare of my life. I was cleaning the cages today because Montey has been off feed so I decided to clean everything up.

I finished Numair's cage and was about to start on Montey's. I lifted her hide and she wasn't there. So I /checked under everything, through the bark, everything...My first snake was MISSING. She hasn't escaped since she was young and the tank had a crappy lid. I was in shock...

So myself, my boyfriend Derek, and mom (who was FREAKING) started the search. Stupid me, forgetting all the "lost snake" threads, searched around the entire house in a shocked daze...

I then gathered myself and thought "Ok i'll check the threads on lost snakes" and I read the thing Zoe I think left on the first step in finding them. Which is close off the snake room and check every warm and dark place.

Derek openned the closet door (Derek, by the way, is kind of afraid of snakes) and we started searching. I had a flashlight. So he lifted my mom's suitcase and there my baby was!

Derek almost had a heart attack. And I am so relieved.

My two Hero's of the day...Derek and

I love happy endings.


PS. The only problem is that I have NO idea how she escaped. I tested the lid and it's not easy to take off or anything...Mom wants to duct tape it down now! lmao
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