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Pete: Saying it's just Ann-Arbor is like looking at an infection in your toe and saying oh, it's just my toe.... These things have a habbit of spreading.

Enso: Write Ann-Arbor city council. Stop the madness before it takes hold. One person can make a difference, a single vote can make the difference between a good out come and a bad out come.

Joe Bradley: I don't like length laws either, but I would base it on actual length, not potential, this makes it easy and realistic to enforce. As for venomous, that's a double edged sword. An alternative to banning them out right would be to issue licenses. But venomous do get a knee jerk reaction and there are lots of snakes out there that aren't venomous, I'd rather lose the right to keep a snake that I can't really handle then ALL reptiles.
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