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I am not for any kind of length law. Would it be based upon the actual size of the animal or the potenial size of the animal. If they go by potential size, is it going to be there average size or is it going to be based upon the record size. What if yours gets bigger than average?
If they go by actual size of each individual pet then they are going to end up with a lot of unwanted animals. An iguana is not say 6 inches from nose to vent when a baby but will definately get much bigger. What happens to the animal when it outgrows the law.
They definately need to leave venomous alone because that hits home to me.
I live in GA and we have some pretty good reptile laws (except for the fact we cannot own native non-venomous such as a corn or rat snakes) I do not know what a good reptile law would be but I am sure there is one out there.
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