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Irwin has done more to advance our cause then anyone else. He is often criticized for now knowing his stuff, but that is bunk. He is one of the top herpetologists in the world. He keeps his comments on the level of his audience, which is very wise. If people couldnít understand what he was talking about, then they would lose interest in what he was saying. He free-hands snakes and jumps over sized crocs, but that is what elevated him and his show. What he does captures peopleís attention! I think herpetology has expanded because of Irwin, conservation is higher, and our future as keepers is safer because of him. Most of the world has watched him at one time or another. As all of you know, we are losing rights to keep reptiles almost daily. Think about it, the next generation of lawmakers will have been raised watching this guy and if you donít believe that is an ace in the hole for us, then you are insane.
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