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I should point out that CITES transactions can take place at border points as well(a few of us have done it). Of course the CITES documents must be with you at the border and they get validated there by either Canada customs(if you're exporting to the US from Canada) or by USF&W if you're exporting your own CITES shipment from the US to Canada.(complete with your import/export licence and exempt from des permit)

For appendix two animals (most boas,pythons, Iguanas, Day geckos, crocs etc) only one permit is required from the country of origin.

For appendix 1 animals (Dumerils, Argentines, etc)
Two permits are required. One from the country of origin, and one from the receiving country.
Appendix 1 animals are quite hard to import and export. The US is reportedly not currently issuing many appendix one permits, so this is a huge trade barrier.
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