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Originally posted by dank7oo
ok ... and i am the one doing 4+ hours of work after school - do you work an 11 hour day?
I'm sorry, but I find this hillarious. You would have to have a pretty swank job to be as well off as you are in high school. Wait until you are in university and each week is 20 hours of class, 20 hours of school work, 20+ hours of work to pay for it all and doing all your own house repairs etc. etc. on top of it. That is basically my life right now -- but I tasted the real world before going back to university and I consider my life pretty layed back.

As for the cirriculum, weighted averages are going to be your reality if you do anything post-secondary. My only question would be whether it was possible to get, say, 1.5/2 on the assignment. If not, then that seems a bit unfair. If it was possible to get partial marks then it seems entirely fair to me.

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