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I don't think I would wear it, only because the products I have seen don't appeal to me, not for any moral reasons. Farmed animals are not wasted, it would actually be a waste to leave their hides behind and only eat the meat. I do agree with many others, I would never support any wild animals being killed off for vanity or whatnot. If you want to wear it and eat it, farm it, don't take from the wild. We do enough damage as is.

Originally posted by BAZ
I think in a ideal reptile lovers world it would be best if there was no demand for any reptile meat or skin.. but I don't think we are ever going to get that so I think farming is the only real working solution (combined with strict regulations so poached animal products don't come into the market.. I believe they are pretty tough with this already).
Well said. IMHO its an unrealistic goal to expect the demand to ever diminish. Farming is sort of a compromise.
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