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well..I wish I had a cool bite story..but fortunately for me (knock on wood) I have never been bitten. Ive had snakes when I was younger..just WC Gaters and was lukcy back then too.

Now for the last two years ive been keeping my BCI (which is now 7ft), 3 ft ball python (tame as puppy) and my Hog Island boa which is still pretty young. He's about 6 months old.

I know its just a matter of time though( especially with the hog). The other day I went to take him out and he was pissed I bothered him i think. He hissed like crazy, I mean LOUUUUD and was striking like mad. I figured it would be best to leave him alone. This was the first time he ever did this in the 5 months that I have had him. The next day, I went to take him out and he was aggression at all.
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