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Yes, but there is a reason why these animals are endangered. They don't just jump on the endangered list themselves. And in a situation like this human intervention may be necessary if the species is to survive. There are protected beaches and programs where the eggs are removed and incubated elsewhere as well as other initiatives such as netting beaches etc. The poor little creatures don't just get pegged on the beach either they have to deal with predators in the ocean as well. In a situation where large populations of turtles return to the same beach or stretch of coast to lay year after year birds cause wholesale slaughter and human intervention at this point can be a way of balancing out the reasons these animals are endangered to begin with. So although we cannot stop the slaughter of these turtles in other areas (the areas that cause most problems) by allowing more hatchlings to actually reach water at this stage, thus prehaps allowing more turtles to reach adulthood could possibly ease the problem in other areas. Myself I beleive that nature should be able to run it's course but we as humans have altered the course of nature and must compensate or we will continue to loose species after species.
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