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I found this snake...

Hi, I need help. I live in Ohio, and two days ago my boyfriend, who is a builder, found a snake. The thing is, it was on a trainload of wood brought in from Quebec. I can't post a picture because my digicam is cheap and won't focus, so I can only describe it.
He, (I decided) is about 3" long, about the length of a lighter. Light brown, with no obvious stripe. He does have 2 Darker brown almost triangle shapes on his head. He whips around like a common garter, but so do my Cali Kings, so that means nothing. One odd thing about him is that just below his neck are two prominent bumps on either side. His belly is cream colored.
I don't know what to feed him, or if I can safely release him here in Ohio, he's really small, and it's getting cold. Also, if he isn't something that resides here... what can that do to my ecosystem?
I don't know what to do, however it was mentioned that he could be an "earthworm" snake? Any help is great. Sorry for the length of this post.
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