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Originally posted by Bartman
..i figured this was a little mean..what do you guys think?
I don't think there is anything mean about it. It's the food chain, its how nature works. That's the same as saying it isn't fair to allow snakes to feed on rodent nests and that sort.

Originally posted by Brock
The turtles have evolved over the millenia to have just enough offspring to survive predation and come back the following years and reproduce again and again
They have evolved to survive natural predation, machines and meatmarkets are not included unfortunately... hence these animals are now endangered. Same with sharks, they do not reproduce like crazy, being apex predators it would most definitely go completely out of control if they did... if it weren't for the fact that we came along and hunted many to, or near, extinction. Animals are not prepared for our interferences as such, so in some cases (definitely not all) it is ok to intervene in an effort to correct the mistakes.

Originally posted by Bartman
but if there endangered wouldnt they atleast want to give them a little extra help and let them atleast get to the ocean?
There are several replacement programs for sea turtles underway. Though many of the turtles raised and released will still not make it, better some than none, right? They take them right out to sea when they are realeased to the beds for shelter and food.
Even if they do get them to the ocean, the chances aren't much better they will get pegged off. The most critical stage of the journey is from next until they get to deeper waters where they can hide and feed in the floating seaweed beds.
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