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That's the typical distorted view of reality that North Americans have, and we are unfortunately more idealistic than realistic. It's called survival of the fittest and population control, just like AIDS and cancer. The turtles have evolved over the millenia to have just enough offspring to survive predation and come back the following years and reproduce again and again and the birds will eat the few that cannot make it again and again, we have evolved over the years to develop medical treatment for AIDS and cancer. All in all, it would be stupid of us to take that away from the way they have evolved to survive in healthy populations, regardless if they are endangered or not, they will find a way to survive. Next thing you'd know is we would have a surplus of turtles eating all the fish and then fishermen would be inclined to kill them off anyways, just like the otters here on the west coast were nearly hunted to extinction because they were competition to the fishermen. Same thing can be said about wild fires. I do not think we should fight fires. Now the average American would say I'm a sadistic *******, but that's just because the average American is stupid. Fires are nature's way of cleansing and recycling. They destroy all the dead and excess growth, keep populations of animals in check, and some conifers (trees) cannot germinate unless their cones are broken open from the heat of a fire (think popcorn). The only problem with this are the fires influenced by man, such as cigarettes, that would cause excess fires and things would be f'ed up. Either way, Homo sapiens are rather dumb.

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