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More trouser snake shenanigans

What a maroon. Also, I did not know ETBs are considered dangerous as well.


SYDNEY (AFP) - A Swedish man was jailed in Australia for trying to smuggle eight dangerous snakes, including four deadly king cobras, through Sydney Airport strapped to his legs.

A Sydney court heard Per Johan Adolfsson, 28, wanted to fund an eight-day holiday Down Under by selling the reptiles for about 5,000 dollars (3,450 US).

His lawyer Michael Priddis told the court Adolfsson was travelling after suffering depression and alcohol abuse following a work accident in Sweden.

Priddis said his client was not thinking straight when he bought the snakes from a dealer in Bangkok and strapped them to his legs for the nine-hour flight to Sydney.

While conceding "it's a bizarre way to have a holiday", Priddis said Adolfsson acted alone and was not part of a smuggling ring.

"It was a very haphazard, small scale and amateurish operation," he said.

The four baby king cobras and four baby emerald tree boas were strapped to his legs in home made pouches. The cobras died but the boas survived the journey.

Magistrate Paul Macmahon said the court took wildlife smuggling seriously and jailed Adolfsson for two months for importing an endangered species.

"It was only luck that resulted in no harm actually occurring," he said.

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