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Seriously...has anyone actually LOST a potential mate because someone they were dating just couldn't handle the fact that they kept snakes/lizards...whatever????

Good God...if someone is going to bail over a persons choice of my opinion, they aren't worth the effort anyway.

It's been my experience that if a man I'm interested in has a problem with snakes/lizards etc they just don't take part in my involvement. You feeding, no cleaning cages, no "oooohs and awwwws" over the cute little reptilian face staring back at me through the glass (or screen as the case may be)...that sort of thing. But no one has ever said ...I'm sorry, I can no longer see you because you keep reptiles.
I don't know what I'd do if I ever came across any SO phobic that they couldn't date me because of it.
ohhh wait...yes I do know what I'd do.
I laugh my as$ off at them!
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