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Originally posted by spyderman
I have a friend who has a pit bull & he is a beautiful, well-tempered "Baby". I have on the other hand seem some really cute, cuddly looking small dogs who would have your hand off before looking at you. Look at the owners behaviour before going near thwe pet is my advice.
I agree with you. The problem is that a mistreated "mean" chiuhuahua might give a child tetanus. A "mean" pitt can rip a child to shreds. I love all dogs. It's the owners I hate. Responsible pet owners always have to pay for the results of the irresponsible owners through bad press, and tighter controls. It should be easier with retics (and other giant snakes). Anecdotaly at least, it seems that the keeper is most often the person killed. I dont think the same is true of dogs.

The sad thing with dogs, is the potentially dangerous breeds attract the dangerous owners.

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