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Student bitten by pygmy rattler, is given snake as souvenir

What if a dog bit the student?


CAPE CORAL, October 20, 2003 - A 9-year-old boy was bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake after he picked it up during recess at Diplomat Elementary School Monday afternoon. Doctors said the snake was too young to be poisonous and the boy, Jason Clark, is okay. Paramedics killed the snake and gave it to the boy as a souvenir.

Clark was out on the playground during recess when he saw the snake. He picked it up and it bit him - several times.

He remembers exactly how it felt.

"Like a sewing needle, when you stick it right there," said Clark.

The encounter ended Clark's recess short. Instead of returning to class, he went to the Cape Coral Hospital in an ambulance.

“It's kind of cool and scary. I was kind of freaking out a little bit,” he said.

So were emergency workers, until they killed the snake. That's when they realized, the snake was too young to send venom flowing through Clark’s veins.

Emergency workers captured the snake, killed it and gave it to Clark as a souvenir. They thought it was a pygmy rattlesnake.

Clark said he learned an important lesson.

“I'm going to try and recognize the next one I see. If it's a poisonous one that I recognize or poisonous one that I don't recognize I'm just going to leave it alone,” said Clark.

Clark was treated and released from Cape Coral Hospital.

Diplomat Elementary principal Linda Caruso said this was the first time something like this has happened at the school.

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