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This reply is too everyone in this topic that is trashing hunters!

Do you really think that if no-one ever hunted, that you would actually be here! for one that is why north america was discovered and colunized! Second point- it's part of our heritage and if you take our heritage away from us (american or canadian) that is an injustice in itself. How well do you think you'd fare if this was 150 years ago. I know that it isn't and that the majority of the human race in north america does not have to solely depend on hunting for food, however if the right to hunt was taken away from us where do you think that would put all of the state/crown forest as the casual hikers don't put the money into them, it's the money from hunting licenses and other monies that are derived directly from the hunting industry.

On another note, deer hunters are allowed to use semi-auto's in certain ares during certain season's check them out before you try to condem someone for doing something illegal.....
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