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I used to live in Prince Rupert at the base of the Alaskan panhandle. I have seen my fair share of bears and had so close incounters. Heard a lot of stories to. Unless you have a gun you have a slim chance of getting away if the bear decides you look tastey. A very small amount of bear incounters lead to an attack. Guess it depends on the bear and the circumstances. I have seen bears hold their ground and some tuck their asses in and run like a scared dog. In all the experiances with bears that I or my friends had only once did the bear have to be shot. To bad about that bear, it was an awsome display of nature and should have been left alone, wrong place at the wrong time. Does anyone know about the type of round they were talking about? One shot to the head doesn't even bring down a normal sized bear their skulls are think. That giants skull would have been thick as hell. One shot to the head to bring it down? I seriously doubt it. It would take an elephant gun. And why would you be packing something that big in the first place? Wooly Mammoth? Saskwatch?
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