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BW, good post. Very good.

First off, this whole big fat slop cake irks me.

Get this, from the 12 things you can do to help animals,

To get started, find some vegan (no meat, dairy, or eggs) recipes on the Internet or pick up a vegan cookbook, and try out some new foods at a local health foods store. With so many delicious vegan foods available, you’ll be surprised how easy changing your diet is. Remember that each time you eat a plant-based meal, you are making a difference for animals, the environment, and your own health.

IDA, are you serious? Readers, take from that what you wish.

Has anyone read the Human-animal bond statistics? It reeks of anthromorphism. Read it and take from it what you wish.

Readers, take some time to go to the IDA website and read the President's Message and the IDA Mission Statement. You can probably find some contradictions somewhere in there.

What this pretty much has come down to IMO is the percentage of those in this world who fu*ked it up for everyone else. All those people are under attack, as they should be, but why not stop there. Since the ball's rolling let's extend our "gratitude" to everyone who keeps animals. And that, friends, sucks bad.

As for all the Guardians with celebrity, good way to get cool points. Yeah.

BWSmith quoted this from the IDA website and I'll do it again,

There will be those who oppose the term animal guardian due to economic interests or fear of losing past ways of thinking. However, it is the majority who decides where the world is going. The majority is clearly moving toward compassionate, responsible animal guardianship.

That's where I see the threat, for us herpers, lying. Readers, take a look at yourselves. Some of you might be breeders, buyers, sellers, traders, or just collectors. We as herp enthusiasts are the perfect target for those who support Guardianship. Why do I think that?

- We keep animals who could care less what we feel about them. (The IDA believes all animals should have a personal relationship with humans)
- Our animals carry a$$ loads of monetary value. (The IDA believes that animals are worth more than their price tags)
- Our animals pass through the hands of different owners day in and day out. (The whole point of buying, selling, trading herps (as this does happen by the a$$ load ie. shows/expos, internet, yada yada) adds fuel to the IDA's belief that animals aren't "things" or "objects".
- Even as a super small minority (herp keepers), there are still those who f*ck things up. Royally. Take those jacked up pet stores for example, and no one can't forget our favorite one. Also take for example those who import ball pythons by the a$$ load hoping to find that one abberant one and sell it off as a morph and selling the rest of the "sh*tty" ones for cents
on the dollar. And those are just examples.
- Herps, of all animals kept in captivity, IMO are seen as the worst animals to keep.
- The "snake haters" (those who believe a good snake is a dead snake) grossly outnumber us herp keepers.
- And there are more reasons I can't think of right now.

Herp keepers, IMO, will never be majority. Even if every single herp keeper, including the thousands who are getting into the hobby or business, lobbied against Guardianship, we'd still only have a slim chance.

The only way I see us herp keepers "winning this war" is if we we're to tightly knit ourselves into a community like the NRA (National Rifle Association for those who don't know, the headquarters building is in Fairfax, Virginia. Minutes from my apt. woo hoo!! Ok unrelated, back to the subject.)

But even then stuff would still be jacked up. The jacked up stuff I speak of happened before I got into the hobby and will still happen when I get out. It'll happen regardless of my existence in this hobby pretty much. Most should know what I'm talking about.

Another side of me sees this as a huge bandwagon with plenty of seatbelts just welcoming people to have a seat (as there's plenty to go around) and tricking them into thinking they're doing something good. Who knows, I wish I did.

Will all this "stuff" really happen? I don't know. I would hate it, hate it with a passion, if I had to lose my snakes in that way. When will all this "stuff" happen? Again, I don't know. Among all the herp keepers in this world who am I? Just a keeper with an opinion. The smallest unit of organization in a much larger organization which itself is small. All I can advise is for everyone to stay vigilant. Keep an eye out for what's happening in your communities and what not, and be pro-active. Most of all, be smart and responsible keepers of your herps!!!!!!

I'm not going to let this get me down and out on snake keeping. Nor will it stop me from going to the Virginia Captive-Bred Reptile Expo next Sunday. I'm still going to keep snakes just as I did 6 hours ago. Who knows, this stuff might be a scare. But then again it might be a prelude to a disaster. It's definitely something to keep an eye out for and follow. HERP ON!

And I've only been to the IDA website.

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