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Interesting story......

Well first off, is the story real? As someone else pointed out, the fact that this story was posted on a radio station's website doesnt help the credibility. If the story is legit, well what really happened? Did the bear actually charge this person or did he stalk the bear so he could get his name in the paper? Regardless it doesnt matter, the bear is dead and hes alive. If I was in his situation, as described in the article, I would of reacted in the same manner.


You bring up some interesting points and I agree with many things you say! Personally Ive never hunted and will probably never have to. But, I think hunters have gotten a bad rep becuase to most non-hunters you think as hunters as just doing it for the sport of the hunt/kill. Is this true? I dont know. But most people now-a-days, in fact, do not need to go out and hunt for there food. Plus the fact that so many animals are near extiction and are still being hunted doesnt exactly look good for the whole hunting community. As you said "it's only the bad guys who are listened too", and unfortunately thats how it is. I also think its interesting how people can say I cant believe someone would kill this poor bear, while munching on there bacon double cheeseburger, and not thinking twice about how many animals had to give there life for your 3 minutes of bliss.
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