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Greetings all,

Just a few corrections, very nit-picky things but I had to study true-crime for a long time in University resulting in my inability to resist a post like this:

There is no serial killer by the name of Bill Gacey, there was, however, the alluringly deranged fellow "Pogo the Clown" AKA John Wayne Gacey.

Indeed, Mr. Bundy, did hit women with a blunt object and abducted them in his car. His ploy was that of a disabled man in need of assistance. Reportedly, when a woman came to his aid he struck her with his arm or leg (which he kept in a cast) *you will note the parallel in this tactic in Silence of the Lambs*

The ghoul from Plainfield, Wisconsin is Ed Gein, not Gain or Gains or any other derivation thereof (note also, Ed is not a serial killer as he murdered but two women).

The most intriguing killer is Albert Fish (IMO), not so much for the magnitude of his killings (or lack thereof) but due to his perversions. Anyone interested should read some of Harold Schechter's work on unfolding the deep chasms that are the minds of these people.

Fun fact: My nit-picky ways came to an interesting culmination when I noticed a misquote in American Psycho (fabulously dark book, mediocre film adaptation). Some may recall the scene where the main character (Patrick Bateman) is regaling his group with a quote from Ed Gein (about what Ed apparently thinks to himself when he sees a pretty woman) when in fact the man that uttered this line in a magazine interview was Edmund Kemper.

As is evident, there is a lot of misconception and confusion surrounding this taboo topic. But like all things taboo, it must be discussed and analyzed in order to be understood.

Finally, it is noted that Thomas Harris, Tobe Hooper and Alfred Hitchcock have all confessed that Ed Gein was the inspiration for the characters in their respective books/films, it is up to you to decide what is meant by inspired.


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