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Poor innocent little cows, born to die by the hand of a man.. O' snap, pass the chicken.. Oh wait, so what you are saying it's ok to eat an animal as long as you didn't kill it? Or you just saying lets eat the animal born and bred to be food? If that's the case, not very valid, because an animal is food to another, no matter what kind, or what size. So technically we are all bred to be food. Kind of sad so many people think that's ok. I mean, the number one animal that is hunted every year is the white tail deer, and guess how there population is.. I mean, not like the thousands of dollars we give for our equipment and legalization and so forth to hunt is going back to the animals, wanna guess how most reserves, land, institutes, ect. are funded? Gosh darnit' we are evil.. Why again is this?

By the way, most cases of food related illnesses are from domesticated animals....
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