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It's a shame, nature loses another great animal due to human ignorance. Buddy should have climbed a tree. Grizzly bears cant climb trees.
If you can out run and climb a tree to the safe distance before a charging bear gets to you, you are one of the fastest runners and climbers Ive ever heard about. Also, not real easy to climb those trees they have up in the Alaskan forests, and if it is to small, kiss that tree goodbye.
I agree with Melissa, It's always easy to criticise someone else..
Also, this bear wasn't a really huge bear persay being brown bears often grow up to 9' (While on their hind legs). Plus, brown bears occasionally hunt humans, for one reason or another. Why not we are easy prey. As for this whole Hunting thing, why doesn't anyone actually attend meetings, contact a warden, get some first hand experience on hunting, downing hunters is ridicules and it's plainly seen you guys never even considered opening your minds, yet you can feed rodents or some animal or kill insects or another animal without thought. Hell, even promote the hundreds/Thousands of animals that die annually so you can free mindedly eat that head of lettuce. But hey, whatever makes you feel at ease with yourself. And by the way, we do reduce diease, over-population in/of animals, but like I said, easy to critcise someone else.. Respect or no, I find it silly. I bet none of you actually know the terms that are even involved in hunting..
By the way, I am aware that there some individuals who arent "By the books" but like our hobby, it's only the bad guys who are listened too..
Playing dead is recommended, but not a good move being all bears eat carrion, heh I'd run or I would shoot it. Everyone says survival of the fittest is the terms, we are have the ability to build our tools, and if you think thats cheating, check out the "Natural" world.. Mind boggling.. Ok, Im done..

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