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I'm glad to see that one or two others have taken a more realistic view of the significance that some language changes in some flimsy municipal by-laws might have. The answer is ZERO. If there was any realistic chance or even a hope in hell that this could catch on let alone escalate then I might worry, a little, but this is strictly a hypothetical conversation. For a change big business is on the same side of a debate as I am so I'll let them worry about this, them and any of you that want to waste your time fighting a ghost. Instead I'll be looking out for space aliens, flocks of poison birds and communists, all of which are bigger, more imminent threats to my lifestyle. The city can pass all the bylaws they like and I'll still do what I do, come and get me. Same goes for any of the Hollywood animal advocate losers, I paid thousands of dollars for animals, I have receipts, I own them, I'll keep them or skin them and eat them if I like.
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