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You're right about that one, it'll never fly. The implications to industry are too huge for this to catch on. You'll notice though that these laws and proposed laws are at the municipal level (in other words they are "city" laws). I don't know about in the States but up here in the Great White the cities can only pass by-laws that wield little force. Most of us that live in cities and have boids are in fact ignoring by-laws, not always but usually. If you get caught, which only happens if you are stupid, you could get fined and told you have to get rid of the animals. The number of ways to get around these weak by-laws are too many to count. I say catch me if you can, I'll pretend to comply and be back at it again in no time. The police don't care and nobody else will either if they don't know what's in your house. I don't like that we're collectively being attacked legally and we should take these self-proclaimed animal advocates on as they come but let's not exaggerate their influence. There is, after all, no money in animal rights and buckets of it in the pet/livestock/farming/meat/feed industries. This is the one time when the fact that money talks will be a benefit. That's a fact of life that usually hurts the average guy (how about those HMOs and private electricity down there?) but in this case it's going to work for us, that's why I'm not worried.
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