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One a year, out of several hundred million people in the US? That's probably right up there statistically with people who run themselves over with their own cars or who don't heed the carny's advice to stay seated at all times when riding "The Scrambler" at the fair. I figure if someone is so stupid that they handle a snake large enough to kill them and they don't have help then maybe it's God's will. You know, clean up the gene pool a little. I don't think this sort of thing hurts herpers at all, it just gives the stupid the name they deserve. I don't feel any pity for someone who kills themself through an act of raw and profound stupidity, though I do sympathize with their families. How would you like to be the relative of someone who had an ironic, cartoonish death? The sky-diver who falls to his death, the rodeo clown the gets gored to death by a bull, the snake keeper who's killed and/or consumed by his snake... Just be thankfull you don't have to eulogize these people.
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