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Cool More Dependents! Can I claim them on my tax return? j/k.
I wonder how many of those locations have a "Purina (whatever chow) Plant" that employs 3,500 locals? Economics will dictate the weight that the term "Guardian" will carry. Take a look at how many folks are employed in the pet industry(all of it). I believe that if any of the major players preceived this as a threat, you would see lobbyist coming outta the woodwork left and right. Remember, changes at the "user" end effect profits at the supplier end and a multi-million dollar industry is not going to sit idly by and watch money being taken away from them. A perfect example is the Florida Citrus Canker Erradication Program with the state blatantly violating idividual's rights for a profit making/tax paying industry.

I am a hobbyist who occasionally sells offspring to support my addiction. I do not depend on reptile sales to earn a living. I have to step back once in a while to remind myself that some folks do depend on reptile sales as the sole source of income. Let's take a look at why the "enemy" is trying so hard to oppose what we see as a given right. I, as a hobbyist have certain preconsieved ideas about breeding and husbantry. I give my females a year off after birth prior to breeding again. You will never see a dirty cage and the limits to what I will spend on vet care have never been tested. For those of you who bring up the price of the animal, that is a non-issue in my book. If you are not willing to take proper care of an animal-THEN DON"T OWN ANY!! Although, I don't have first hand knowledge of folks that breed reptiles for a living, I have a pretty good suspicion that quite a few of them consider the animals as "disposable", will breed them as often as possible, will do the minimal amount of "maintainence" and will spend very little on health care. This type of breeder is just like those "Puppy Mills" that we all dispise and I think this is the reason the "enemy" feel the way they do. We may not want to admit it, but I think a lot of us can sympathise with the "enemy" in this aspect of their concern.

Just my $.02
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