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It was with an Asian carrier.... and I have the a Federal Agency on my side investigating and my lawyer has been giving me a lot of ammunition.

The airline has not accepted nor denied responsibility. Their policy is that they will not make any compensation for death of animals during shipping - period. That is their policy. Not matter if they are right or wrong. They did not offer any insurance when I shpped.

I have been talking to the rep handling the situation, who is just a puppet, and if I provide proof another airline who has compensated for the death of animals, they will review the case. They just do not want to set a precedence, but they have offered to take me out for lunch, free passes fto the CN Tower, and small gifts...

I have a case and those were personal pets. Anymore info on airlines compensating for death of animals or advice is appreciated. Thanks for your ideas.


P.S. I was shipping from 20 C weather in Asia and they were packed in 1/2" styrofoam, wrapped in pillowcase and stuffed with newspaper to discourage jostling (there were small air holes on top for ventilation). Heatpack was not used b/c they would be sitting a couple of hours in 20C temps with a heat pack, which will be just as harmful. I was assured by the airline in question that it will be heated and ventilated, and I had nothing to worry about. I called them over several times prior to shipment and they assured me it will be heated in the cargohold. That is what I am basing my case on.

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