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After seeing how kids are now days, I must thank my Dad for every backhand/butt kick & my Mom for every wooden spoon that was busted on my butt. Nowadays a serious punishment might include a "Timeout" from cell phones, internet & video games. If kids are really bad they will sometimes even take away TV. "OH MY GOD DO THEY EVER HAVE IT ROUGH!" The saddest thing is the parents nowadays. There was no way in Hell that I would ever even consider getting away with the amount of disrespect that is displayed by kids today. I bet 9/10 kids today don't even know what a mouthfull of soap even tastes like. Back in the old days the sight of a wooden spoon or a bar of Ivory could shut up every kid in the house real quick & gain their immediate attn. Nowadays to get attn. a parent must disconect something & have their kids flip out about it. My how things have changed, some call it Progress LOL Mark I.
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