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We have had a couple screw ups with the airlines. One shipment was delayed, and luckily the girl at the counter called to say that the animals were booked express, which meant putting them on the next plane out, which was unheated, I refused, so they delayed shipment to the next day. We are still responsible for shipping charges, even though they bumped the cargo, because I refused to let them go on an unheated plane, but the snake arrived safe and sound the next day, so it is worth it.

Theother animal was not so fortunate. He was packed to the minimum acceptable standard for air cargo, and put on an unheated plane, without insurance. The airline is considering waiving the $113 shipping charges, but we have a frozen specimen that we get no compensation for due to the lack of insurance. When we read the fine print, freezing is not covered anyways, even with insurance.
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