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Well I finaly saw it man what a wait it is the best horror filck sines I was 4-5. It is a 80's style movie but with 20th century graphics.
And when you see the movie you quickly realise that it is not based on Ed Gains.

they have Video footage of the place it hapend the Actual House taken from the Police video archives it was clasifide Info for so long but now it was seen. The reason I know it was not based on Ed gains died in a mental Hospital and his case was closed but this story to thois day still remainse open as a cold case.

If you have a strong stomack go and see the movie here in Montreal we are lucky that the age to get in was only 16 but it realy should have ben a 18+ movie but that is just me.

I will not spoile the movie and hope others wount eaither.
To me it is the best thing since slised bread. And for thows that saw the original go see it any way it has and alternet ending and has some realy graphic added scenes a MUST SEE for all thows Horror fans out there. and that includes you Ohh christina...LOL
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