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No, they were not insured, but the representative said, if I can find another airlines who has paid out compensation for any animal deaths (mammal, bird, reptile, etc), they may consider compensating. They are in in the wrong, but won't own up to it unless someone else has. (sigh)

The rep also said they have many lawyers, actually they have a team of lawyers, so it is no use to take them to court. They are such arses! He is right, but they killed my pets and the rep said it was heated between 10-16C, but it was not. Even if it wasn't, they would not pay, just b/c they have never pad out such a settlement before.

I know it is standard law, but they can be wrong, but won't make any acoomodations nor acknowledge anything. That is what annoys me the most.


P.S. I have shipped with AC and they were great. The airline is an international one.
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