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Do you mean today? LOL I breed Cal-Kings for starters. I'll show people what it feels like so they won't be afraid when they are considering purchase of a neonate. As far as the adults go I freehand them & will hang on to the specimen with one hand & clean with the other. This can lead to several tags as they sometimes have a feeding response from the scents of the other snakes. I have one that is a cannibal afterall heh heh. I got bit like 3 times the other day by a baby Jungle Carpet Python while handling him. He wasn't being mean, he was just hungry & kept opening his mouth on my arm & then releasing. I must have tasted good that day because a yearling male Childrens Python thought about eating me also, wrapping tight around my fingers while starting to "nose" my arm. Mind you that one usually thinks he is a "Scrub" not a Childrens LOL I have lots of snakes that will bite you in an instant if you're not carefull, usually nothing serious. Ask "Invictus" & "Red Dragon" how pleasant "Yolk" my L.Texas Rat can be when disturbed. Stands on his tail & throws open mouth strikes, as does my "Screamer" yearling JCP female from Ryan & Sheila (you forgot to mention that eh guys, LOL) she is from the "Chandler Cannibal Line" afterall though LOL. The Cal-kings will get me good by surprise every now & then though. The last time I got a eally good one everyone was so amused we took pictures LOL. My very first snake ever to boot! I guess thats why his name is "Schizo" LOL blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda
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P.S. It took a big tub of cold water & about 15 minutes to remove him from me. Yeah I'm yummy LOL o>
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